Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cake Topper

Finished the J and the A today for our cake topper! I used 2 gross of 9 ss flatback swarovksi crystals in capri blue on them also mixing in about have a gross of 12 ss crystals. I must say, I like them. I'm going to wait to do the P until I get my 16 and 20 ss rhinestones because I would run out of rhinestones if I started it now and then it would look funny with smaller rhinestones and then larger ones not mixed together but separate(at least in my opinion). Took me around three freaking hours(with Knotting mixed in...). My back is killing me from all the bending over to see my work, but I'm sure a lot of the stuff I'm going to be doing for the wedding will give me some sort of pain(addressing 100 invites? Yeah) even if it's just a pain in the ass. So I guess I feel slightly accomplished today, even though I was going to exercise, but then got caught up in this and now I don't feel like it... I need to get back on the wagon though! It's been a horrible month...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cake Topper

So, I got my rhinestones in today for the cake topper. The letters were from the Knot store and I got the rhinestones off Ebay. But I did not realize that 9ss and 12ss were so freaking small! I'm going to use them, but I got a gross(144) of 16ss and a gross of 20ss to supplement so I don't go crazy gluing the tiny ones on. The rhinestones are Capri Blue. This will have to wait until I finish my English paper though, ugh. That thing is going to kill me. But that's a different story.

Friday, April 24, 2009

DIY flower trial

So yesterday I bought 2 dozen roses from Meijer in order to do a DIY flower trial run to see if I could actually do it for our wedding flowers. Turns out I can, but I need some more practice, haha. The bouquet turned out more oblong than round like I want it and I'm not really satisfied with the wrapping around the stems. Arden also says that he thinks it would look better if the stems were completely covered up instead of the stems hanging out at the end. I'm not sure what I'd like better, I've seen it both ways. I'll just have to keep trying I guess. Arden says I should do it once a month until our wedding. That's a lot of flower arranging! But then we'd always have fresh roses on the kitchen table...
PS, don't mind the Target bag in the sink, our sink stopper doesn't fit in the drain...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Arden and I decided when we're going to go home and do our "marathon wedding planning". It'll be June 1st 2nd and 3rd, cut short because we'll be going to North/South Carolina for my brother's graduation from B School at Nuk School. We'll need to do photography, DJ, ceremony music, ceremony site, cake and look at florists to compare costs to DIYing. So this got me thinking about CAKE because cake is my favorite thing in the whole world. One thing we know about the cake is that it will not be red velvet, because Arden hates red velvet and I'm not really a fan either. It also probably won't be chocolate, perhaps the frosting if I'm feeling generous. I don't like chocolate all that much. Just in small doses. As for style, I like simple cakes, the last three are not really my style, but I think they are really fun. I'm not really a big fan of fondant, I don't want my cake to taste funny. And don't really need the extra cost along with the funny taste. I like the one with the flowers, since we will most likely be going with orange roses for our flowers, but the frosting would probably be blue. Perhaps there's a hint at the groom's cake in the second picture... who knows? I'm not telling, I want it to be a suprise for Arden :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Votives and ribbon and hot glue, oh my

So, that last post was a lie, it was 401 days until the wedding. Now, since it is 1 in the AM, it is 400 days until the wedding! On Saturday, we'll be under 400 at 399! I'm not sure if the countdown is making time go slower or faster... Today seemed to be a little of both.

I did some wedding stuff today. I had to take the dogs to the vet and there is a JoAnn's next door, so I bought some ribbon and a hot glue gun to work on the centerpieces some. They are almost done! I've finished all but 10 of the votives, I ran out of brown ribbon. So some time in the near future(perhaps tomorrow, while Arden is at work and I'm killing an hour) I'll get another spool and finish them. Arden wants the candles out of the apartment because he says the smell is a bit overwhelming in our small space. I think it smells good(better than dog urine), but whatev.
Brown and blue side by side. I like it
The first 12 brown votives. Only 60 more to go...

The first 12 votives. Nice, if I do say so myself

24 votives down, 120 to go

72 down, 72 to go. All the blue done

Thursday, April 9, 2009

402 days until the wedding! Getting closer to the 300s every day! And before I know it, it'll be ONE YEAR! I really can't wait, if you couldn't tell, haha.
I got some wedding stuff done the past few days. We've got the centerpieces almost done, just need to buy the floating candles and they'll be done. Then we need to figure out what we'll do for the head table. I bought 144 votive candles, planning on putting 8 on each table and we'll have 15 tables. So that's 120 candles used up and that leaves 24 candles. Those will go on the head table, I just don't know what else to put there. I'm thinking probably the girls bouques, but I don't know if it would look funny with flowers on the head table and no flowers anywhere else. I have a bunch of brown and blue tulle from the center pieces left over(30 yards of it, in fact) so mayble I'll try to use that somewhere.
I put all 144 candles into the 144 candle holders. They look nice, I'm happy with the quality I got from them( if you need a lot of candles for anything). I'm going to put blue and brown ribbon around the top of each of them(72 brown, 72 blue). I have the blue ribbon, although more than I need. So I think today I'll return 1 spool of that and buy some brown and I need a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon. I bought some cheap vellum at work a couple weeks ago and would like to print our monogram on that and put it on the votives, but I'm not sure if that'll be overkill or not. I'll have to try it I guess.
I took some pictures of the work I've done, I'll have to upload them later since Arden took his camera to school today for a project he's doing.
I also bought a headband for wedding day off of e-bay this weekend. I like it, I think the design goes with my dress emborydery and it had blue crystals in it, which is a nice way to tie in our colors. I didn't really want to get a tiara, it's not prom or a beauty pagent, it's my wedding. I think this will look nice. I should get it in around a week. Now i just need matching jewlery.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Dress!

Well, it's WAY early, but I am happy to say that I got a wedding dress! I've gone twice to David's Bridal with Sarah and Abby and I just keep coming back to one dress.
Here's me in the dress. I tried on a lot of dresses and I liked a lot of them, but I just really felt like a bride in this one.
The best part is I got a major deal on it, 100 dollars for the dress, crinoline and smoothing bra. That's the only reason I got it so early, otherwise I would be saving money up for it. It arrived yesterday and it is in perfect condition! Except now it has black dog hair on the hem because I wore it around the apartment... but oh well, that will come off! It fits great too, and I think there's still a little wiggle room in the waist area for when I lose some more weight. Although it seems like that area just isn't getting any smaller. But I digress. Anyway, I love my dress!