Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Update

So Arden and I went home last week to do some wedding stuff. I wanted to go to LMC and pay more on the reception hall, but we forgot to go, oops! We spoke to two photographers, two florists and three bakers and we've made a decision on all three.
We've decided to go with Charles Dykstra( for our photographer. We had a really hard time choosing, since both the photographers we spoke to are amazing, but Dykstra is just a little bit cheaper. We're not really skimping on quailty by going the cheaper route, so I don't feel bad about it. We just need to decide which package to go with. $995 vs $1350 isn't really that hard of a decision, but Arden really wants the photo album that he offers with the more expensive package. I'm thinking I could make an album off shutterfly that would be equally nice.
For florists, I made the executive decision that I'm going to be doing our flowers. The first florist we spoke to was 428 dollars, the second one was over $600. If I can make them for around $200 then I feel that's the better way to go. If it turns out that it will be a huge hassle then we'll go with Tara Florists, the $428 one. But I'm determined to do it myself.
For bakers, we decided to go with Sandra Kay's Bakery( It'll be around $250 for a sheet cake and a smaller cake to display and cut. Arden liked her better than Elliot's Bakery, even though a few people have told me that they love him and his cakes. Arden said his cake(probably the frosting) left a funny aftertaste in his mouth. We haven't really decided what flavors we'll do or what it will look like, but at least we decided on who to use.
So it was a productive week wedding-wise. We really need a Church and a DJ though, those are the next big ones we need to tackle.

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