Friday, May 29, 2009

Cake Topper gone...

So Dawn ate my cake topper. I am beyond pissed. At least I don't have to start completely over, the J survived...

Monday, May 25, 2009

DIY Update

DIY Projects(italics are done)
  • cardbox (have frames and hardware, need to assemble and get engagement photos)
  • unity candle
  • cake topper (Dawn ate the P and the A so I need to do them over)
  • centerpieces
  • invites (got the kit-120 invites. Just need the information to print them)
  • table numbers (need engagement photos)
  • place cards (need finalized guest list and returned RSVPs)
  • flowers (not doing until May 14, 2010, for obvious reasons)
  • Save the Dates
  • Guestbook (need engagement photos, will be doing a photobook from Shutterfly)
  • ceremony programs
  • rehearsal dinner invites/information

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unity Candle

So I bought and finished our unity candle today! Got the most basic set from Michaels(29.99 with a 40% coupon=17.99). Printed our monogram on some vellum paper then guled ribbon on all the candles. Arden says if he didn't know any better, he'd think I bought it that way :) I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New direction for invites

So Arden and I decided to go a different direction with invitations. I was going to completely DIY them, but we decided to get kits from Michael's and just do the printing and putting together ourselves. I think the main thing Arden was concerned with was them looking uniform and all of them looking nice(although it's not like different people are going to compare them and say "oh, mine is slightly different from yours" or something like that). But this will save some time and hassle, so I'm ok with it. It will also be cheaper, so I'm really ok with that! We'll probably be getting this kit in either brown(shown) or blue. Or we could even get two in brown and two in blue. But for some reason I don't think Arden will go for that...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Save the Dates

So we decided to do Save the Dates after talking to some family this weekend. My Aunt said that she won't remember unless she is reminded around Christmas, so I figured why not send some out. I got magnet paper at Michael's(love that store!) and designed these on VistaPrint and saved the design to my computer. I like them and Arden likes them, so that's what we will do. The magnets were 30 and the printing will be free at school, we'll just need some envelopes(about 10 dollars from and then stampes to mail about 80 of them. Not too bad I guess. Better than 70 to get them through VistaPrint or Shutterfly then have to get stamps. And we'd need envelopes for Shutterfly since they don't include them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is the cardbox I'm planning on making. It's from Heather was an awesome DIY bride and she has all the instructions on her blog to make it. Arden wants the picture frames to be horizontal instead of vertical, but we'll see about that. I don't know how it will look...

Small Update

Nothing new has happened wedding-wise since the cake topper. I do have picture frames for the card box I'm planning on making, but we need some other things before I can start it like some L shaped brackets and screws and the like. That will probably be my next project. I do need to finish the votive holders, since I got more brown ribbon and there's only 10 left, so that should be quick.
Arden and I are going home the first week in June to go to a bunch of different vendors(baker, florist, DJs, photogs). We'll only have 3 days since we'll be leaving on Thursday morning to fly to North Carolina for my brother's graduation. Hopefully we can see everyone we need to and do some contracts. I will feel so much better when we have all our vendors. Then we just need to consentrate on the money part!

DIY Projects(italics are done)
  1. cardbox
  2. unity candle
  3. cake topper
  4. centerpieces(almost done, just need floating candles)
  5. invites
  6. table numbers
  7. place cards
  8. flowers
  9. Save the Dates (well, kind of DIY. I designed them on VistaPrint and they mailed them to me...)
  10. Guestbook

Monday, May 4, 2009

Finished Cake Topper

Well, I finished our cake topper, finished it Friday actually, but never updated. The P took about 4 hours, with knotting breaks. It used about 280 12ss rhinestones and about 135 16ss rhinestones. Now, I never want to glue rhinestones on anything ever again! But that kind of ruins the undergarment idea that I love(Mrs. LastName on the butt...) so I might suck it up and do it again. Perhaps after a couple months. But I don't know if 144 20ss rhinestones is going to be enough for Arden's last name, it's kind of long... Anyway, different blog there.