Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So, I've started my "diet" over after two weeks of utter crappiness. I was doing really well on the exercising part, just horrible on the eating healthy part. I'm really going to try(again) this time. I'm going to try to not let Arden influence me to eat poorly or overindulge. He enables me way too much and I just let him. I got on the scale Monday and saw that I had gained about 5 pounds in 2 weeks, and that really isn't the way I want the scale to be moving!

In other news, Arden and I booked our reception venue on Sunday!!! It's going to be at Upton Hall in the Mendel Center at LMC. It's kind of expensive, but it's what Arden wants(I like it too) so we decided to just go for it, especially since they were still open for our day. So we will definatly have a reception, if nothing else :P
I think the best part is that since we're not going over 150 guests, we'll only need 15 tables. Well, we already have most of the supplies for 15 centerpieces, so we don't need to get any more(besides what we need to finish the ones we have now). So that's a bit of money we don't need to spend, which is good because we don't have any money! haha

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