Sunday, March 29, 2009


412 days until the wedding. I really can't wait, I wish it would come faster! But my dad always says "don't wish your life away" so I think I can wait patiently(mostly). Here are some flower ideas I'm toying with. I really love the idea of orange flowers with our color scheme. Arden isn't so fond of it, but I think I can change his mind. I'm planning on having the bridesmaids wear blue dresses, and I think blue flowers with blue dresses would look funny and brown flowers are ugly and EXPENSIVE. Pink could also look nice with blue and brown, but I think I like the idea of orange more. Guess we'll have to see. I also love gerber daisies, I think they are fun, and they look so nice in orange(and don't come in blue).

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  1. I'm a bride to be, and also going to be MOH at my best friend's wedding. Her colors are blue and orange! At first, i didn't like the idea either, but when I saw them together, it looks AMAZING. I think the orange will look FABULOUS. It really makes the blue pop!