Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Update

Nothing new has happened wedding-wise since the cake topper. I do have picture frames for the card box I'm planning on making, but we need some other things before I can start it like some L shaped brackets and screws and the like. That will probably be my next project. I do need to finish the votive holders, since I got more brown ribbon and there's only 10 left, so that should be quick.
Arden and I are going home the first week in June to go to a bunch of different vendors(baker, florist, DJs, photogs). We'll only have 3 days since we'll be leaving on Thursday morning to fly to North Carolina for my brother's graduation. Hopefully we can see everyone we need to and do some contracts. I will feel so much better when we have all our vendors. Then we just need to consentrate on the money part!

DIY Projects(italics are done)
  1. cardbox
  2. unity candle
  3. cake topper
  4. centerpieces(almost done, just need floating candles)
  5. invites
  6. table numbers
  7. place cards
  8. flowers
  9. Save the Dates (well, kind of DIY. I designed them on VistaPrint and they mailed them to me...)
  10. Guestbook

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