Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Dress!

Well, it's WAY early, but I am happy to say that I got a wedding dress! I've gone twice to David's Bridal with Sarah and Abby and I just keep coming back to one dress.
Here's me in the dress. I tried on a lot of dresses and I liked a lot of them, but I just really felt like a bride in this one.
The best part is I got a major deal on it, 100 dollars for the dress, crinoline and smoothing bra. That's the only reason I got it so early, otherwise I would be saving money up for it. It arrived yesterday and it is in perfect condition! Except now it has black dog hair on the hem because I wore it around the apartment... but oh well, that will come off! It fits great too, and I think there's still a little wiggle room in the waist area for when I lose some more weight. Although it seems like that area just isn't getting any smaller. But I digress. Anyway, I love my dress!

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