Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cake Topper

Finished the J and the A today for our cake topper! I used 2 gross of 9 ss flatback swarovksi crystals in capri blue on them also mixing in about have a gross of 12 ss crystals. I must say, I like them. I'm going to wait to do the P until I get my 16 and 20 ss rhinestones because I would run out of rhinestones if I started it now and then it would look funny with smaller rhinestones and then larger ones not mixed together but separate(at least in my opinion). Took me around three freaking hours(with Knotting mixed in...). My back is killing me from all the bending over to see my work, but I'm sure a lot of the stuff I'm going to be doing for the wedding will give me some sort of pain(addressing 100 invites? Yeah) even if it's just a pain in the ass. So I guess I feel slightly accomplished today, even though I was going to exercise, but then got caught up in this and now I don't feel like it... I need to get back on the wagon though! It's been a horrible month...

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