Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Arden and I decided when we're going to go home and do our "marathon wedding planning". It'll be June 1st 2nd and 3rd, cut short because we'll be going to North/South Carolina for my brother's graduation from B School at Nuk School. We'll need to do photography, DJ, ceremony music, ceremony site, cake and look at florists to compare costs to DIYing. So this got me thinking about CAKE because cake is my favorite thing in the whole world. One thing we know about the cake is that it will not be red velvet, because Arden hates red velvet and I'm not really a fan either. It also probably won't be chocolate, perhaps the frosting if I'm feeling generous. I don't like chocolate all that much. Just in small doses. As for style, I like simple cakes, the last three are not really my style, but I think they are really fun. I'm not really a big fan of fondant, I don't want my cake to taste funny. And don't really need the extra cost along with the funny taste. I like the one with the flowers, since we will most likely be going with orange roses for our flowers, but the frosting would probably be blue. Perhaps there's a hint at the groom's cake in the second picture... who knows? I'm not telling, I want it to be a suprise for Arden :)

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