Friday, April 10, 2009

Votives and ribbon and hot glue, oh my

So, that last post was a lie, it was 401 days until the wedding. Now, since it is 1 in the AM, it is 400 days until the wedding! On Saturday, we'll be under 400 at 399! I'm not sure if the countdown is making time go slower or faster... Today seemed to be a little of both.

I did some wedding stuff today. I had to take the dogs to the vet and there is a JoAnn's next door, so I bought some ribbon and a hot glue gun to work on the centerpieces some. They are almost done! I've finished all but 10 of the votives, I ran out of brown ribbon. So some time in the near future(perhaps tomorrow, while Arden is at work and I'm killing an hour) I'll get another spool and finish them. Arden wants the candles out of the apartment because he says the smell is a bit overwhelming in our small space. I think it smells good(better than dog urine), but whatev.
Brown and blue side by side. I like it
The first 12 brown votives. Only 60 more to go...

The first 12 votives. Nice, if I do say so myself

24 votives down, 120 to go

72 down, 72 to go. All the blue done

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